What are the benefits of using a hot tub/swim spa?

Our friends at BISHTA have put together a fabulous document to explain the benefits of owning a hot tub. Have a little read…

BISHTA – Benefits of owning a Hot Tub

How often should I change the water in my spa/hot tub?

As a rule we recommend you should change the water in your spa hot tub every 3 months.

Can Children use Hot Tubs?

A. Children should always be supervised by an adult when using a hot tub. Children are at a higher risk of over heating as they can’t control their body temperature as well as adults. We advise that children should not stay in hot tubs for more than five minutes at a time. Toddlers and babies should not use hot tubs at all.

Do I need to turn my hot tub off in winter?

A. No you don’t. Hot tubs are built to withstand extreme temperatures. There is nothing better than sitting in a steaming hot tub when it is snowing outside.

Do I need to have my hot tub turned on all the time, or just when I want to use it?

A. Your hot tub needs to be turned on all the time, as this will make it more efficient compared with heating it when you want to use it, Our hot tubs heat the water only when the temperature falls below the set temperature and as long as you have the cover on, it will save you money on your power bills.

Can I take my hot tub with me if I move house?

A.  Yes you can. Our hot tubs are portable so they can be moved at a later date. We offer hot tub relocation services for a small fee.

Whats the difference between water jets and air jets?

A. Water jets are more therapeutic compared to air jets. Water is pumped through the water jets and this provides a good massage experience. The bubbles produced by air jets have a negligible therapeutic effect.

What finance packages do we offer?

A. Please get in contact with a member of our team to discuss finance packages.

My water is cloudy all the time?

A. Cloudy water can be caused by a number of factors.

  1. Not enough sanitisers: Add more bromine/chlorine in to the spa depending on which sanitiser you have chosen to use. This may take 1-2 days to clear.
  2. You may have a dirty filter so make sure this is cleaned.
  3. Make sure the pH levels are not to high. Check you chemical manual guide for the right levels. Adding a pH minus can help bring the pH levels back to normal. Change the water if this fails.

Why do I have a white mark on the edge of my hot tub?

A. This can be caused by high levels of calcium, which are undissolved in the water. This gets deposited on the edge of the spa as scum, and can also build up in your hot tub parts. The best thing to do in such a scenario, is to use an anti-scale chemical, which will inhibit the build up. If this fails and you’re still getting a scum line after 3-4 days, then drain the tub and refill it. You can also use a spa surface cleaner to get rid of the white lines.

How do I clean my hot tub filter?

A. Cleaning your hot tub filter is easy. You can use the garden hose if you wish, try to get the dirt out of the pleats when doing this. If you have a particularly dirty then you can soak it in a bucket for a few hours with  a filter cleaner. Ideally you should have a spare filter to use whilst you are cleaning or soaking the other filter.

The water in my spa/hot tub has turned green, how can I fix this?

There are two main reasons why spa or hot tub water can turn green; the tap water used to fill the spa may contain metals such as copper or there is  rapid growth of algae in the hot tub. If you live in an area where the tap water contains copper, we recommend that you pre-filter the water before filling your hot tub. This should remove the copper from the tap water before it enters your spa. If your hot tub is exposed to intense sunlight, it tis possible that there has been a rapid growth algae that turns the water green. A chlorine shock should solve this problem.

There is foam on the water of my hot tub/spa?

Foam can be caused by body lotion, hair gel, detergent residues on bathing suits, old water and/or organic pollution in your spa. In order to remove the foam from your spa or hot tub we recommend the following:

  1. Replace one third of the water of the spa
  2. Rinse the filter
  3. Add chlorine shock

The surfaces and walls of my spa or hot tub feel rough, sandy/gritty?

A. If the water has turned milky, the level of calcium in the water is high and it is possible that the calcium particles are attaching to the walls due to the change in pH, this makes the surface of your hot tub feel rough like sandpaper. In order to solve this you need to temporarily lower the pH to 6 using pH minus. This will dissolve the calcium layer. Scrubbing the calcium off the walls and surfaces of your hot tub is not an option. Do not use the spa when the pH is low. Bring the pH of the hot tub or spa water back to normal after the calcium has been dissolved and the filters have had time to dispose of the calcium. Rinse the filters regularly for better performance during the process. View our blog on Gritty Hot Tub Walls for more useful tips.

The water in my spa/hot tub is milky white?

Milky water is caused by the loosening of calcium. The small floating particles of calcium turn the colour of the water into a milky white. By activating the pumps 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes, the calcium will be gathered in the filter and can be easily removed by rinsing the filter regularly.

What is the correct pH level for the water in my spa/hot tub?

The recommended pH level for your spa hot tub is between 7.2 and 7.8

Can I use aromatherapy products with AquaFinesse?

Yes, as long as the aromatherapy is crystal based and not oil based