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A Swim Spa is the most versatile solution for your well-being. Providing you 24/7 access to your own private area for exercise, relaxation and recreation.
Swim spas combine the benefits of water exercise, while offering the therapy of a hot tub and the enjoyment of a swimming pool.
They are easy to maintain and compact enough to fit into smaller spaces.
As an independent dealer, Castle Hot Tubs are able to offer 3 ranges of Swim Spa, from 2 manufacturers, ensuring that we can perfectly match the solution to your requirements.

Premium Hot Tubs

Platinum Spas

Platinum Swim Spas offer you an outstanding combination of features and affordability.  Built in the worlds largest hot tub factory in China, they are assembled to the highest standards, using American Aristec Acrylic, Canadian Gecko controls and superior LX Hydrotherapy Pumps.

Platinum Swim Spas put high performance within your reach.

Swim Spa Range


Our comprehensive range of Swim Spas has a model to suit your lifestyle. From the compact Hydros right through to the heavyweight Poseidon which features a high specification hot tub combined with a powerful exercise pool for vigorous exercise.

American Swim Spas

Master Spas

Master Spas are the world’s premier swim spa brand and are the only manufacturer in the world to operate their own dedicated swim spa factory, in Indiana, USA.  This world-class production facility – combined with the heritage built over decades of development with swimming athletes – gives Master Spas an unrivalled advantage. Choose between the H2X series and the range-topping Michael Phelps professional models for your perfect swim!

Master Spas Swim Spas are the Official Supplier of USA Swimming and the Official Swim Spas of the IRONMAN World Championship.

It's Your Choice

Gain Control – Have Everything Your Way

Compared to using a public or even a private members club swimming pool, owning a swim spa puts you entirely in control.

  • Choose when to swim.  Your Swim Spa is ready for your work-out session 24/7 x 365 days of the year.  No more need to accommodate the schedule of swimming club or school time-tables.
  • Choose your temperature.  Does your local pool like to keep the water on the cooler side?  Swimming should be a pleasurable experience for you.  With your own swim spa you can easily adjust the temperature – cooler for a high intensity work-out and warmer for a relaxation or hydrotherapy session.
  • Choose your pace.  No more weaving in and out of swim lanes choked full slower swimmers.  No more pressure from the athlete behind you tapping your toes to get out of their way.  Set your pace the way you want it.  The Master Spas Swim Number System even allows you to  set a Smart Workout, changing the speed of the water current at different timed increments during the routine.

Swim Spa Benefits

Traditional pools are subject to the weather conditions and seasons. You might only be comfortable to use an outdoor pool for a couple of months out of the year. Swim Spas are designed to be used any time you choose, day or night, 365 days a year.

Compared to Swimming Pools, Swim Spas are:

  • Easy to Install.  Excavation for a traditional pool can take three to five weeks – or longer!  But with a swim spa,  once you are ready for delivery, installation takes less than a day.


  • Great for Small Spaces.  A swim spa can be installed on a concrete pad or decking (with the right support).  They can be craned into place, or slid into pre-existing structures and buildings.


  • Versatile.  Your outdoor area will become a destination zone for year-round swimming, exercise, relaxation and recreation.  Dual Zone Swim Spas bring you the benefits of water exercise while offering the therapy of a hot tub and the enjoyment of a swimming pool.


  • Easy to Maintain.  Spend more time enjoying your swim spa and less time taking care of the water. Compared to a standard
    swimming pool, a swim spa has less water and requires fewer chemicals to keep your water clean, clear, and ready to use.

Not Just About Swimming. Swim Spas Have Therapy & Fun Covered Too! 

Not Just About Swimming. Swim Spas Have Therapy & Fun Covered Too! 

Not Just About Swimming. Swim Spas Have Therapy & Fun Covered Too! 

Not Just About Swimming. Swim Spas Have Therapy & Fun Covered Too! 

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