TOP 10 Luxury Gifts for Your Hot Tub

luxury hot tub gifts



We have searched far and wide to find the top luxury gifts for your hot tub. Take a look at our list below to see what we have found.

  1. AquaFinesse – The Dead Sea Experience. The ultimate of luxury gifts! Transform your hot tub into your own Dead Sea experience with AquaFinesse Dead Sea Salts. This beautiful environmentally friendly product contains a special mix of salts and minerals well-known for its therapeutic effects. For thousands of years now; people have been using the Dead Sea water to treat skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. But also to detoxify, improve their appearance and pamper themselves. This is definitely our favourite luxury spa product! Purchase Here: AquaFinesse Dead Sea Experience   


AquaFinesse Dead Sea Experience

2. Spazazz RX Therapy. Rx Therapy is a line of products designed entirely around soaking away aches and pains, while relaxing and soaking in vitamins. Reduce tension, relax your muscles, grab a towel, and get soaking! Transform your hot tub or bath into a calming, spa like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.Spazazz Rx Therapy aromatherapy crystals are an affordable indulgence that will enhance your hot tub experience every time you get in. The moisturizing botanicals increase skin hydration and pamper your skin while the long lasting aromas soothe your senses.The Rx Therapy crystals are specially formulated for use in spas, hot tubs and bathtubs. They won’t affect your hot tubs water in any adverse way or leave oily residue behind. Purchase Here: Spazazz RX Therapy




Spazazz RX Therapy Range


  1. Spa Caddy Sturdy and versatile, the SpaCaddy is a perfect solution to an age-old problem for spa users. Now all of that stuff — from food and drinks to reading materials and more — can be placed within easy reach. Makes a great gift for spa lovers! Purchase Here: Spa Caddy




Spa Caddy Tray

  1. AquaFinesse –  After-Spa body lotion. This beautiful lotion contains natural Dead Sea minerals with their well-known effects, perfect for all your skin care needs. A nourishing and pampering body lotion enriched with the delicate, refreshing fragrance of Apricot or Papaya-Lemon. Gently massage the lotion on your skin, leaving it soft and totally moisturized. Its is exactly what your skin needs after a long soak in the hot tub to keep it balanced, moisturised, and truly beautiful. Purchase Here: AquaFinesse After-Spa Body Lotion


Aqua Finesse After-Spa Body Lotion - PAPAYA & LEMON


  1. Summer Solutions – Soap +. Removes chlorine and pool odours and soothes dried-out swimmer’s skin. Made from 100% Natural Products this beautiful soap moisturises and soothes the skin after bathing as well as removing harmful chemicals and chlorine from from your skin.  Of all the benefits swimmers enjoy, healthier skin isn’t one. Chlorine and extensive submersion dry out and irritate the skin, giving it that stubborn potent pool smell, and often causing rashes to form. Summer Solutions soap is specially made for swimmers, effectively washing away pool additives and odours while cleaning and soothing the skin and helping to protect it from swim-related damage.



Soap+ After swim chlorine removing cleansing soap

  1. 100% Waterproof Playing Cards. Why not splash out on these waterproof plastic playing cards to make being your hot tub that little but more entertaining? A perfect gift or a sweet little indulgence to assist a drink in the tub. Purchase Here:  100% Waterproof Playing Cards


Waterproof Playing Cards



  1. Underwater Light Show. A disco ball for your hot tub! Enjoy the water with amazing underwater light show Blue, Green, Red and Orange flash in 5 different patterns to give your tub that fun feel. Purchase Here: Underwater Light Show


Underwater Light Show, a floating disco ball that lights up pools and hot tubs



  1. Super Soft Spa Pillow. Available in a number of colours this pillow allows you to fully relax in your spa. Available in a number of colours to suit your spa! Purchase Here: Super Soft Spa Pillow

Super Soft Spa Pillow


  1. Kool Tray. This double sided spa tray is both a floating drinks holder and also a games board so you can play your favourite games in the comfort of your hot tub. It includes checkers pieces and is great fun for all the family. Purchase Here:  Kool Tray

Kool Floating DrinksTray Draughts Board



10. Rubber Duck. Brighten up your hot tub with a rubber duck. Coming in all different styles and colours these cute little feathery friends make a great gift for a friend or a little treat for yourself. Purchase Here: Rubber Duck



Extra Large Ducks

For more information about luxury Hot Tub products visit or call the team on 01348840509. HAPPY HOT TUBBING!

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