How to look after your hot tub cover

How to look after your hot tub cover

How to look after your hot tub cover

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Looking after your hot tub cover

The cover of your hot tub is what keeps the inside water clean and clear, keeps debris out and heat in, saving you on hot tub heating costs. It is important to look after it and keep it in great condition.

To look after your spa cover you must:


To protect your new spa cover from everyday damage:


Castle Hot Tubs sell the wonderful 303 Aerospace Protectant. This has many uses and is formulated to protect the outside of your spa cover offering the best protection from everyday wear and tear including UV damage. A cover lifter like this one will also help with keep the cover off the floor and scuff free


Cleaning and maintenance of your hot tub cover:


Why not add cleaning the cover to your regular deep clean and empty of your spa, a wipe down with a damp cloth will help to keep the inside clean and clear.


Some things to remember 


When it comes to caring for your hot tub cover remember to handle it with care.

A cover lifter will help you safely take the cover off and put it back on again without pulling on the skirt which can cause serious damage to the cover.

Always secure the cover with the cover clips, if yours are worn and need replacing please see our cover clips.