Waterway Executive 48 Replacement 2hp/4hp SMOOTH 2spd 2×2


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Type of product:Water pump / Jet pump (smooth body)
Manufacturer / model:US Motors / Waterway
Frame:48 motor / 56f size wet end
Common Power reference:2 HP 2 Speed for motor / 4HP for Wet End
Power:Volts: 230Hz: 50


Motor KW low / high: 0.19 / 1.5

Motor HP low / high: 1/4 / 2.0

Wet end impeller HP: 4

Amps low / high speed: 2.9-3.2 / 9.0-8.6

RPM low / high: 1425 / 2850

Capacitor: 16uf / 30uf

Electrical connections:No wire with pump, you will need to use your existing wire. 2 x live, 1 x neutral and 1 x earth.
Overall outer dimensionsand widest and tallest points:Length:Height:



Wet end widest parts:

Found on hot tubs such as:Arctic Spas and other Canadian / North American Spas.
Additional notes:This unit is ideal for use when there is not a lot of room in your Hot Tub to be able to install one our pumps from the 56 frame range.Unions to be purchased separately


*Note* This pump has been assembled in house to offer the best alternative to the hard to source smooth body Exec 48 pump. It is also a good replacement for other smooth motors when space is a premium. We have labeled it 2hp/4hp as it uses a 2hp motor but 4hp wet end to deliver optimum performance.


Model:Waterway Executive 48 Replacement 2hp/4hp SMOOTH 2spd (2 2)Waterway Executive 48 Replacement 2hp/4hp SMOOTH 2spd (2.5 2)
Plumbing connections:2 x 2 inch standard Waterway union2.5 intake x 2 inch outlet standard Waterway union


If you are not entirely sure if this is the correct pump for your requirements, check out our handy guide:

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