Waterway 2 Speed 2hp (2 x 2) Hot tub Pump


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Additional notes:
This pump can be found in many different Hot Tubs in various forms.
It has 2ich outlets and will work in place of either Waterway,  Vico,  Sta-Rite,  GE, Emerson, A O Smith, ITT or Aquaflow and in most cases the unions will wind straight on
This Pump is used for booster jets operation. You may find that your pump has a smooth body as opposed to this style of pump but as long as the ratings are the same it will still work.
In most cases you will find that the wet end is the same but the motor may be made by a different company. If you need any advice please call
Unions and Pipe cement can be purchased separately.
Important: Please make sure all your fittings and ratings on you old pump are the same.
Please Note: All electrical spare parts MUST be fitted by a qualified electrician or Hot tub Engineer