Underwater Light Show


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GAME Original #1 Best Selling Pool & Spa Underwater Light Show in the World
Product Information
LARGE 14.2cm x14.2cm x 12.1cm x 286g Floating Disco Ball
Don’t be fooled by cheaper Smaller models!
Four bright, Colourful LEDs create five different light shows on the sides and bottom of your pool or spa.

  • Lights flash randomly
  • lights stay on continuously
  • lights fade from one to the next
  • lights flash together
  • Randomly cycles through all shows
  • Features the new auto shut off – shuts off automatically after one hour.
Use the on/off button to cycle through the different light shows.
Perfect to light up a Lay-Z-Spa or Hot Tub
The underwater light show projects approximately 10-15 feet in diameter. Light show intensity will vary according to the colour, size and depth of your pool. Get two or more for the more dramatic light show, even in smaller pools.
Perfect for that pool or spa party!