Submersible Water Pump 750w & 5 metre Lay Flat Hose 13000 ltr/hr Flow by Silverline


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Powerful 750w submersible water pump for Dirty or Clean water.
Includes 5 metre Lay Flat Hose.
ADJUSTABLE suction entry feed, 3 suction height settings make it ideal for a variety of domestic water pumping jobs, including emptying ponds, Drains, Hot Tubs, Spas, Flooded areas and various other domestic uses.
Automatic float switch.
10m Cable.
Maximum output 13000 litres per hour.
Can be submerged to 7 metres.
Delivery height up to 9 metres.
Will accept solid particles up to 3.5 cm diameter (35 mm)
This pump is not suitable for continuous use in fish ponds.

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