Reusable Unbreakable Drink Glass


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Reusable Unbreakable Drink Glass

Safe to use poolside and around your hot tub, this reusable unbreakable drink glass will enhance your outdoor lifestyle. With a crystal bright appearance, it is also dishwasher safe.

Meet Tik Tucker! Built to last and designed to help you stay hydrated, I look good now and, thanks to my durability, I still look great after many cycles in the dishwasher.

Additionally, meet the other members of our reusable drinkware family. Made by HappyGlass, they engineer their glassware with great detail. You can find your perfect glass from our HappyGlass premium collection, which offers a variety of styles, including wine glasses, gin & tonic glasses, beer glasses, water glasses, and tumblers. Whether for every moment or for every occasion, the right glass, design, color, and decoration will accentuate the distinct characteristics of your drink and boost each drinking experience.

The HappyGlass Philosophy:

Re-Use or Refuse

Re-use significantly cuts daily consumer waste of single-use plastic drinkware. Furthermore, the crystal bright look and feel of our products will surprise and delight you, even after numerous uses.

Eco-Friendly Materials Only

Proudly designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, HappyGlass products are made of best-of-class materials. This means using BPA-free and environmentally friendly co-polyesters.


When debating between polyester or glass, we believe they are complementary. Our co-poly glassware looks just as bright, shiny, and well-crafted as traditional glass drinkware. However, our glasses will never cut or hurt you or your loved ones.


You can wash our products hundreds of times in the dishwasher with confidence. Our drinkware is not only light and lovely to drink from, but it also stays that way.


Our material is virtually unbreakable and requires extreme force to shatter. Thus, it is safe to use at the poolside, in your hot tub, or while traveling to your picnic location. If you’re looking for durable premium drinkware, choose us!