Replacement Hot Tub Headrest – Refresh/Happy


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Replacement Hot Tub Headrest to fit spa models from the Platinum Range.
Hot Tub models that this headrest will fit include the REFRESH and HAPPY.
This replacement pillow is made by the original manufacturer and is not a cheaply made, third-party alternative.
If your hot tub model is not listed here, then check out our full range of replacement hot tub headrests and pillows.
Looked after properly, spa headrests will last for many years.
Cracking, discolouring or generally degrading headrests are often an indication that your sanitiser levels are too high.
To protect your hot tub pillows, run the jets for at least 15 minutes after you add chemicals to the water.
Be sure to leave the cover off when you do this.  The chlorine fumes can then escape.
Never add chemicals and then replace the cover right away.  Doing this will cause both the pillows and the cover to deteriorate quicker.
For further advice please contact us and one of our water technicians will be happy to provide you with more advice.
Alternatively, if you would like to learn more, check out our useful guides where we answer all your questions about chlorine.
Still confused about your hot tub water chemistry?  Then read our how-to guide on balancing your hot tub / spa / swimming pool water pH levels