Relax – 5kg – Chlorine Small Tablets (250 x 20g)

Relax – 5kg – Chlorine Small Tablets (250 x 20g)


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Relax Chlorine Tablets (small) provide slow release sanitising for hot tubs, spa and swimming pools.


Relax Small Chlorine tablets for hot tubs, spa and swimming pools.

  • 5kg Trichlor (20g) Chlorine Tablets (250 Tablets)
  • Designed to be used with a floating dispenser / some feeder systems
  • Maintain the ideal Chlorine level between 3.0 to 5.0mg/l

How to Use:

Fill the Dispenser with tablets and adjust the aperture mechanism at the bottom of the dispenser to obtain the 1-3 mg/l(ppm) desired range.

These tablets are designed to slowly erode over a period of 4-7 days, depending on the water flowing over them.

The dispenser should be removed from the water while swimmers are bathing

General Precautions:

Never mix with other chemicals as dangerous reactions may occur. Handle product in a well-ventilated area. Wash hands after use. Ensure tablets do not become damp in storage. Store in a cool dry place.


Unsure whether you should be using Chlorine Granules or Chlorine Tablets?

Check our useful guide where we answer all your questions about chlorine

PH levels:

Always ensure that your PH is at the ideal level between 7.2 – 7.8  to promote bathers comfort and safety.

Read our guide on How to Balance ph for more information.

A genuine Relax branded product.

Relax Chlorine Tablets (20g)
– Directions for use –
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