Powerstorm Diffuser


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Powerstorm diffusers are recognised by the roundness of the cup that connects the face plate. This is a replacement part for a waterway water jet, instead of replacing the complete part simply clip of the old broken piece and fit a new.

Why buy a new jet? Repair the old one!

Commonly used with: Aegean AMS 1000 and 2000 some Spaform models Platinum, Grand Canyon, Milano, Utopia, Odyssey Alp Spa, Beachcomber, Caldera.

Catalina, Canadian Spa, Coast Spa, Coyote Spa, Elite Spa, Emerald Spas, Gulf Coast, Master Spas, Spa Crest and many more brands.

Connection Push fit with 2 x plastic lugs

Push evenly on the rear of the jet fitting to assemble, Warning The likelihood is that you will end up breaking one or two before getting one to fit.

Length 10.5cm

Diameter at widest part 7cm

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