Pool Buddy Gentle Water Treatment


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Perfect Biofilm prevention for childrens paddling pools Pool Buddy – Loved by Mum’s, hated by bacteria!
Pool Buddy should still be used alongside a sanitiser such as chlorine or bromine.
The Pool Buddy is a Simple weekly treatment for small swimming pools or childrens paddling pools.
No More slimy walls
Gentle, even on the most sensitive of skin
Environmentally friendly
1 Sachet, once a week……. It’s as simple as that!
Now for the technical bit……
Bacteria need biofilm (that is the slime that you can sometime feel on the side of your pool walls) they use it to shelter, feed and of course breed!
Pool Buddy works by stopping biofilm from forming, and when biofilm can’t form, bacteria can’t breed.
Result – Safe, happy, helathy pool environement for your little ones