Natural Travertine Stone Decking Tile


Price is per tile & Includes Delivery to Mainland UK
Approx 11 tiles per 1 m?
Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm
Material: Natural Travertine
Includes Plastic Grid Backing
No adhesive & no grout needed!

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Are you looking for a quick & simple solution to refresh the look of your outdoor living area? The Click Clack flooring system offers you a quality instant decking solution. Featuring an innovative new concept generated from the traditional flooring tile, the Click Clack flooring system is easier and quicker to lay. The individual tiles simply click together easily thanks to a plastic grid backing with tabs and corresponding slots on alternating sides. This helps each tile click into place and hold securely. Installing these tiles is as simple as placing pieces of a jigsaw together.

  • Quick & Easy Install
  • No Professional Skills Required
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Excellent Drainage Ability
  • Hides Cracked Concrete Surfaces
  • Hard Wearing
  • UV Resistant

No Adhesive

No Grout

No Mess