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pH + 5kg & pH- 7.5kg Bundle deal
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Manage hot tub pH with our value large ph Bundle.
Anything that enters your hot tub, spa or pool can affect the pH level.
Rain, dust and dirt, leaves and twigs, people (and their lotions, deodourants and perfumes), spilled drinks and more.
For this reason, it’s important to stay on top of your water pH level to make sure it stays within the optimal range.
The ideal pH level in your hot tub, spa or pool water is 7.4 to 7.6. This creates the best environment for the sanitiser to do its job.
It is also essential that you manage your hot tub pH for your bathers comfort, in order to avoid stingy eyes, itchy nose, skin and other ailments!
Our value bundle contains pH Increaser and pH Decreaser / pH plus & pH minus / pH + & pH –

  • PH Plus 5kg will Increase the PH in your Pool or Hot Tub
  • PH Minus 7kg will Decrease the PH in your Pool or Hot Tub
  • Fast and easy to use, full dosing instructions provided
  • Top Quality Branded Product from Castle Hot Tubs

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