LX H30-R3 3.0KW 1.5 inch heater (T-Shape)

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Type of product:Heater assembly
Make and Model:Chinese LX Whirlpool Bath (T-Shape). H30-R3
SpecificationSensor compatibility:Controlled by the system control box
Material spec:
Required flow rate:Set by pressure switch, this switch will need to be pressurised, if it runs straight to a big bore out let with no bends, there will be no back pressure and it may not work
Flow detection:Pressure switch built in to the heater run on a separate cord
Compatible with:Most Chinese spas with a small plumbing change or can be used as a remote heater on a bespoke project
Connections / Fixings:1.5″ white plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing
Dimensions:Heater length:250mm
Heater Diameter:50mm (internal)
Overall height:200mm (inc unions)
Overall length complete:340mm (inc unions)
Additional notes:This unit replaces the Rooster heater as they kept failing. This heater is longer than the Rooster so you may need to alter the plumbing slightly
High limit thermal cut out built in. This unit is rated IPX5 and has CE approval.