Lovibond MD110 Bluetooth Photometer Pool & Hot Tub Professional Water Testing Kit


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The Lovibond MD110 Professional Water Testing Kit

The Lovibond photometer supplies accurate, reproduce-able results using high quality interference filters with long-life LEDs as a light source.
It features:

  • A simple button layout and a robust waterproof design that make it easy to use.  Ideal for testing pool water.
  • The large back-lit display makes it easy to read and suitable for use in the Plant Room.
  • Test results are automatically stored with time and date for later review.
  • Results can also be downloaded and sent to phone or tablet using the Bluetooth connection.

Tests are conducted using Lovibond tablet reagents which give long-term stability.  Lovibond reagents have a guaranteed minimum 5 or 10 year shelf life.

Liquid reagents can also be used.

Data processing for your Lovibond® photometer system

This Professional Water Testing Kit is supported by an additional, free to download app; the AquaLX App.
This supplements the features of the MD110 by allowing:

  • Creation of any number of users, customers, or measuring locations
  • Integrated data management
  • Sorting and representation of measurements according to sampling locations, customers, parameters, etc.
  • Linking of customers with measuring locations
The AquaLX® app is the ideal supplement to Lovibond photometers. With the Bluetooth®interface, measuring results for quick evaluation and processing can be transmitted to smart phones or tablets.  This allows all data to be evaluated and allocated directly on site. The app displays all measurements in a clear graph with minimum and maximum thresholds and supports data export as an Excel®-compatible CSV file.

Highlights of the Lovibond MD110:



Supplied with reagents for 100 tests and accessoriesReady to use for all parameters
Four button operationEasy to use
Extended chlorine range available (0-10mg/l) as standardSuitable for all pool / spa applications
Bluetooth interfaceAllows easy transfer of results for recording purposes
Storage of results with scroll memoryAllows on screen recall of readings
Built in real time clockReadings logged with real time data
One Time Zero Function (optional)Enables quick switching between tests. Optional for those who prefer traditional testing method
Water resistantCan be used in damp and humid environments
LED light sourceEliminates drift and deterioration in performance over the life of the instrument
Back lit displaySuitable for dark environments such as plant rooms
Easy maintenance and low cost of ownershipReduced down time and cost savings over the life of the unit
Auto switch off featureSaves battery life
Optional Check Standards availableAllows on site checking of the meter and confidence in the readings

Contents Include;

Instrument in carrying case

4 Micro batteries (AAA)

3 Round vials (Glass) with lids

Tablets reagents

Crushing / Stirring Rod

Guarantee sheet

Certificate (COC)

Instruction manual

Test / Range
Chlorine 0-6.0 mg/l
Chlorine –10mg/l (Additional tablets required)
pH Value 6.5-8.4
Alkalinity Total 5-200 mg/l
Calcium Hardness 0-500 mg/l
Bromine 0.05-13 mg/l
Cyanuric Acid 2-160 mg/l
The MD 110 Photometer range is the Bluetooth version of the MD100 Range of portable handheld instruments.
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