Kleen Pool Ultimate Paddling Pool Water Care Kit


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The Kleen Pool Ultimate Paddling Pool Water Care Kit helps you keep your paddling pool clean and safe. The Algae Protector (3 sachets included) prevents algae formation and destroys algae spores that enter the paddling pool, ensuring slimy or green algae stays away. The Paddlecare Algae Protector does not kill bacteria. The Ultimate Super Fizz Sanitiser Tablets are chlorine bactericides and destroy harmful bacteria that enter your paddling pool.

Refer to the Directions for Use tab for full directions.

After filling the paddling pool, use one sachet of Algae Protector per 300 liters (66 gallons) of pool water. Redose each time you refill the pool.

Then, use one Ultimate Paddlecare Super Fizz Sanitiser Tablet to achieve 3.3 ppm per 300 liters of pool water. The desired range is 3-5 ppm on the included test strips. Gently swirl the pool once the tablet dissolves. When chlorine falls below 3 ppm, use another Super Fizz Tablet to bring chlorine levels back to the desired range.

Test chlorine levels daily with your Paddlecare 3-Way Test Strips.

Maintaining free chlorine levels is critical as this sanitizes the water and controls bacteria. pH is essential for bather comfort but will rarely need adjustment since you frequently change the paddling pool water.