Cover Storm Strap Essentials Secure Strap XL


2″ polypropylene webbing
12′ long (adjustable)
Connecting Buckle
2 x Powder Coated Metal Brackets

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Cover Storm Strap for your hot tub by Essentials Secure Strap XL
Do you live in an area that experiences high winds?
If you are UK based, the answer is almost certainly, yes!
A stray hot tub cover can cause a great deal of damage, not only to itself, but also to your garden furniture, car or whatever and whoever else it comes into contact with!
We strongly recommend fitting a strap to restrict children’s access to your hot tub, or any other unwanted guests!
Don’t leave it to chance!
This is ONE BIG strap to help you protect your investment and stay safe.
Strongly constructed of 2″ wide polypropylene webbing and adjustable up to 12′ length.
The brackets are a common point of failure on a less substantial hot tub cover storm strap.
The Secure Strap has one big connecting buckle and two powder-coated metal brackets that attach to your spa / hot tub.
This is the ultimate wind strap!
Manufactured in the USA, Essentials is an industry leading brand of hot tub and spa maintenance accessories and products.
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