Gecko new IN.TEMP Spa Dual HEAT PUMP & COOLER 7.5kW model Bi-energy Efficient


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Gecko IN.TEMP heat pump 7.5kW

Get ready to appreciate the power of the most eco-efficient technology to heat spa water.


It’s so nice to step in cool water during a hot sunny day. Now, it is possible to do so with a spa! Get more out of a spa by taking advantage of the powerful in.temp cooling capabilities.

Plug and play solution

Easy to use and perfectly integrated with Gecko keypads. A world of flexibility with 6 convenient operating modes.


Introducing in.temp.  A new way to regulate the water of your spa

This plug and play solution is so easy to use. Once connected to a compatible Y series control, the job is done. Your customer just has to choose one of its various modes. Using our in.temp is definitely saving energy and money!

Your spa electronics must be running 485 Gecko software and you must use the Gecko In.Touch

Automatic detection, smart power management and no additional power circuit required, the in.temp powers directly from the spa control.

The Gecko IN.TEMP heat pump 7.5kW is one of the most economical ways of heating your spa efficiently. Using the free renewable energy from the air, it is over 4/5 time more efficient than traditional heating.

The Gecko IN.TEMP heat pump 7.5kW uses a refrigerant which is ozone friendly and dramatically reduces Carbon Emissions

The in.temp has several built in safety features, which include insufficient water flow protection, high/low pressure protection, overload protection, compressor protection

– Plug and Play

– Energy Saving up to 75% (*).

– Up to 6 different modes operation: Eco Heat, Smart Heat, Eco Auto, Smart Auto, Cool and Electric

– Wide ambient working range: -5° to 43°.

– Self Diagnosis, displaying an error code on the touchscreen to identify the problem.

(*) Information related savings it is provided by the manufacturer and it can vary depending on different conditions

Mounted to a base with 4 feet. 1.5 inch blue plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing. Live and neutral connect to the PCB via two spade connectors

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Dimensions902 × 356 × 661 cm