Gecko HEAT.WAVE 2.0kW Heater IN.XE & IN.YE


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This is the Gecko AeWare HEAT.WAVE 2.0kW Heater IN.XE & IN.YE, this modern unit includes Hi-Limit sensor, temperature regulation probe and flexible power cords for easy PCB connection.

Compatible Spa Pack Gecko AeWare IN.XE & IN.Y


Volts ~ 230

Hz ~ 50

kW ~ 2.0

Amps ~ 8.0-8.5


Heater Length ~ 15 Inches

Heater Internal Diameter ~ 2 Inches

Overall Length With Unions ~ 19.5 Inches

Distance Between Terminals ~ 1.25 Inches

Plumbing Connection 2.0”

Mount Type Stud



MPN 9920-101438


Important Notice: It is essential that all parts are installed by a qualified individual or tradesperson, adhering strictly to the applicable electrical and building safety regulations. Installing a part that is incompatible may lead to damage to both the part itself and other components within the system. Please note that such damages are not covered under warranty.