Cover RX Cover Lifter, by Cover Valet USA

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The Original Cover Valet Cover RX Hot Tub and Spa Cover Lifter & Caddy delivers convenience and ease of use.

It proudly provides compatibility with virtually any above-ground spa available today. The unique undermount installation plate facilitates flexible installation on any side of your spa, requiring only 18 inches of clearance.

Regardless of whether your spa is square, rectangular, octagonal, or round, the Essentials Cover RX seamlessly fits without requiring drilling into your spa cabinet. It actively supports your spa cover, eliminating any stress on the center cover seam and extending the cover’s lifespan.

With the capability for a single user to operate it from any chosen position—whether from the side, back, or even inside the spa—the Cover RX offers unparalleled versatility. It maintains its position as the most comprehensive spa cover lifter available.

Please note: These cover lifters are not designed to support the weight of a waterlogged or heavy cover and may bend if used with them.