Flexible Hose Clear PVC Tubing Pipe

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Flexible Hose Clear PVC Tubing Pipe 

Example uses for this Flexible Hose Clear PVC Tubing Pipe include:

DIY applications, Home Brewing, Garden Water Pumps, Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Engineering, Windscreen Washer Tube, Water Cooling and Air Line.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure suitability and safety of use.  Please contact us in you are unsure.

Available in pre-cut lengths of 1 – 20 metres.

Flexible hose is available in a range of diameters.

Internal mm (External mm): 3(5),4(6),6(9),8(10),10(13),12(15),14(18) and 16(20)

FOOD GRADE Non-toxic blue tint in compliance with FDA requirements to enhance clarity.

  • Clear Unreinforced Flexible PVC Tube Clear PVC tube.  Ideal for conveying liquids, Water, gases, powders and granules in a low pressure environment.
  • Manufactured from the best materials that the industry has available.
  • 100% flexible PVC.  Silicone and cadmium free, offering good UV resistance.  Lightweight and flexible.  Suitable for Food use.
  • Temperatures: -20C to +55C. Occasional use up to +65C. Cold bend temperature -45C.
  • Manufactured to comply with BS EN_ISO5774:2000.  The raw materials are flame resistant and comply with UL94-VO at 3mm thickness

We do not recommend that this hose is used with petrol, oils and greases. 

This is because long term exposure to hydrocarbons will cause all PVC hoses to become rigid and discoloured.  As a result the hose could possibly fail.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, the flexible hose will resist hardening, cracking and discolouring in normal recommended use.

Due to the manufacturing process the clarity of the flexible hose varies by size.  Because of this some tubes may have a slight tint.

The flexible tube is silicone and cadmium free and therefore offer good UV Resistance.

Additional information

Length (m)

1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25

Diameter Int(Ext) mm:

3(5), 4(6), 6(9), 8(10), 10(13), 12(15), 14(18), 16(20)