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Chlorine Granules that are Fast Dissolving, Multifunctional & Stabilised
Chlorine Granules for swimming pools and hot tubs, chemicals for spas
Fast Dissolving Multifunctional Stabilised chlorine granules
Our customers find that Chlorine Granules for hot tubs and swimming pools can be used for the Sanitation / Disinfection of Swimming Pools, Paddling Pools and Spas.
Castle Hot Tubs own Branded Chlorine Granules are ideal for daily dosing of your swimming pool or hot tub/spa, to produce free active chlorine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. They are rapid dissolving and have minimal impact on the pH level unlike other cheap, poor quality chlorine.
We are pleased to say Stabilised Chlorine Granules also offer the feature of water clarification built in.
Please note: All of Castle Hot Tubs branded products are Grade ‘A’ quality – packed and labelled in the UK by CPC
Unsure whether you should be using Chlorine Granules or Chlorine Tablets?
Check our useful guide where we answer all your questions about chlorine.
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About us:
Castle Hot Tubs is?the UK?s leading supplier of hot tub, spas, swimming pool chemicals and spare parts.
We are a multi-award winning company with a very knowledgeable team who also stock a complete range of swim spa, hot tub accessories and aftercare products as well as offering hot tub servicing, engineering and repairs.
Over 16 years experience and our team of experts mean that we are trusted throughout the industry, our team includes:
Spa Engineer, Product Advisors and Water technicians who can give water care advice, BISHTA, ISPE, SPATA

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