Blue Horizons Swimming Pool 250g Multifunctional Power 6 Chlorine Tablets – 5kg


  • Twin-phase chlorine release
  • Rapid release blue layer for pool and filter shock
  • Slow-release multifunctional 200g base
  • Enhanced with clarifier, hardness stabiliser & algaecide
  • Stabilised to minimise chlorine loss to sunlight

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The Power 6 chlorine tablet is perfect for keeping you pool water crystal clear

Its multi functional properties mean that it not only sanitises your pool, but also helps prevent algae growth and clarifies the water

Twin-phase chlorine release. The quick release shock top ensures that the chlorine is quickly dispersed through out the pool, providing rapid results, coupled with a slow-release base for consistent disinfection

With a weight of 250g, this tablet is long-lasting and designed to be used in lager pools

Its powerful formula ensures that your pool stays clean and safe for use all season long

Tablet not only sanitises, but also provides UV protector, quick release shock top, filter cleaner, clarifier & algae prevention


Not suitable for use in chlorine feeders or floating dispensers


Ideal free chlorine range: 1 – 3mg/l

Maintain pH level within the ideal range of 7.2 – 7.6. If not in this range, adjust.

These tablets are designed to provide twin-phase chlorine release. However, at spring commissioning or if the pool water has been neglected, it may still be necessary to shock dose the pool water prior to their use to establish a free chlorine level more rapidly.


Application Instructions

Warning: Do not add tablets directly to your pool. Always dose via a clean and empty skimmer basket.

Skimmer: Place one tablet in a clean and empty skimmer basket per 22,725 litres

(5,000 gallons) of pool water every 6 – 10 days. Adjust tablet numbers if necessary to achieve the ideal free chlorine range of 1 – 3mg/l.