Balboa 3.0KW Heater M7 Plug n Click (BP Series)

Balboa 3.0KW Heater M7 Plug n Click (BP Series)


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Type of product:Heater assembly
Make and Model:Balboa Plug n’ Click
Power:Volts: 230
Hz: 50
KW: 3.0
Amps: 11.5-12.0
SpecificationSensor compatibility: M7 24 inch x 2
Material spec: Incoloy
Required flow rate: 21gpm
Flow detection: M7 Technology by using a sensor at each end of the heater assembly
Compatible with:BP500/501, BP600/601, and BP2100
Connections / Fixings:Usually held in with two fixing studs, one at the top and one underneath. 2 inch white plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing. Purpose fitted plastic plug to connect to PCB to avoid damage to heater terminals and speedy replacement time.
Dimensions:Heater length: 15 inches
Heater Diameter: 2 inches
Between terminals: 1.25 inches
Overall length complete: 19.5 inches
Additional notes:
No need to deal with heater straps, screws, wrenches, or broken
copper straps. All you need to do is plug-and-click and you’re done!
Previously a restricted after sales item but available to general trade once more.
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