Extra Sanitising Tablets Chlorine AquaFinesse – 18 Tablets


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AquaFinesse Extra Sanitising Chlorine Tablets 

(Trichlor) in a child proof pot.
For use with hot tubs and spas are the same tablets that come with the AquaFinesse Original Spa Care Box.
AquaFinesse Extra Sanitising Chlorine Tablets are great for killing bacteria in your spa water


Firstly, add tablet to dispenser and add to correct part of hot tub as per packet instructions. Simple!
It is best to check them every 2-3 days and replace when necessary to ensure your water remains clean and clear.
Furthermore, a chlorine granular shock or non-chlorine shock will work well with this product to oxidise your water.


The only trusted and tested environmentally friendly water care product which can SAFELY reduce the amount of chemicals in your hot tub water by eliminating the need for large doses of harsh chemicals.
You are buying the tablets only.


18 slowly dissolving chlorine tablets of 20 g each for long-term chlorination.
(Total: 360 g).

Our tip: Please use with a dosing buoy.

Castle Hot Tubs

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