6 Piece Chlorine Starter Kit

6 Piece Chlorine Starter Kit


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6 Piece Chlorine Hot Tub Starter Kit


1kg of Chlorine Granules – Stabilised Chlorine Granules are used for the Sanitisation / Disinfection of Spa Swimming Pool Hot Tub Water.Chlorine needs to be added to your water on a regular basis to keep your water safe and clean and free of Algae.Easily dissolved.

1kg of PH + – This is used to increase the PH in your Hot Tub.Your PH should be kept between 7.2 to 7.6.PH +.

1.5kg of PH – – Use PH Minus to decrease the PH value of the water in your spa

1 x Spa Fusion single Shock Treatment – Specially formulated oxidiser and clarifier.Destroys non- filterablewastes and creates sparkling clean spa water.

1 x Immerse Filter Clean -For removal of scale,rust,oils and greases from filter cartridge

1 x Pack of 50 Chlorine Test Strips – Chlorine Test Strips Test: PH, Chlorine and Alkalinityof your water.

1 x Spa Chemical Guide