2 x Ezy Float Pop Up Paddling Pool Pre-Filled Chlorine Adjustable Dispenser


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Each pre-filled 80g floating dispenser can provide a convenient 2 – 4 week chlorine treatment for smaller (1000 – 5000ltr) inflatable pools and spas. Each Pop Up Floater contains stabilised chlorine tablets for slow release sanitisation.
The amount of chlorine release can be adjusted by rotating the base. These chlorine tablets contain algaecide to stop the pool going green and are sun stabilized so they wont be burnt off unlike bad quality chlorine tablets.
Ideal for:
General precautions:
Never mix with other chemicals as dangerous reactions may occur. Handle product in a well ventilated area .Wash hands after use.
Ensure dispenser does not become damp in storage.
Store in a cool dry place.
PH levels
Always insure that your PH is at the ideal level between 7.2 – 7.6 to promote bathers comfort and for the care of your spa or pool.
Do Not Open Dispenser before or after us.
For use in: Paddling Pool , Hot Tub, Inflatable Spas , Swimming Pool.
Always remove dispenser when swimming pool is in use.