AquaFinesse Spa Care

AquaFinesse Spa Care

For years scientists have understood that to thrive, bacteria create a layer of slime in which they shelter, feed and breed. Over time this slime increases in thickness, creating serious additional problems. Even high levels of chlorine or bromine can only kill bacteria in the outer layer of an established Biofilm leaving the unharmed bacteria below to continue breeding.

In one simple weekly treatment our patented environmentally friendly formula gets to the root of the problem by loosening this layer of slime from the surfaces, it is then rinsed away by the action of the water and prevented from reforming. Result, a dramatic reduction in the levels of bacteria, needing only the minimal amount of sanitiser!

Even calcium, the notorious destroyer of spas, is no match against the power of AquaFinesse.

So there you have it! The perfect all in one hot tub & spa solution. Safe, clean and crystal clear water which protects the bathers, the environment and even the spa itself.
Say yes to softer, purer water and a cleaner bathing environment.

The AquaFinesse product range is vast and ranges from Spa Cleaning Tablets to Filter Cleaning Tablets.


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