It’s Time To Talk

Family time in the hot tub.

It is often said that in these modern times we are more connected, and yet more isolated than ever before. 

With instant communication at our fingertips through the smart phone that is permanently within your reach, our social networks have never been larger.  But does this quantity come at the cost of quality?  With updates and notifications constantly competing for our attention, it becomes harder to unplug and really engage by spending quality time with the people you love the most.  This clamour for our attention can take a toll physically (have you ever checked your phone in the early hours of the morning?), emotionally (why do my friends have the perfect life, and I don’t?) and in our relationships (are you truly in the present moment with the people you are with?)

The statistics:

In support of Time To Talk Day 2019, Castle Hot Tubs would like to all of us to get talking a little bit more!  Statistics tell us that Mental Health problems affect 1 in 4 of us.  It’s no fun being part of a statistic like this – despite the fact that so many are affected, most of us are too afraid to talk about our issues and concerns.  Having regular, meaningful conversation – making the time to really listen to our loved ones, as well as express ourselves is a vital first step to good mental health.

Where to start the conversation:

Now, we are not suggesting that in order to have a great conversation every family must have a hot tub in the back garden.  The right atmosphere can be created in many settings, over a coffee at a favourite coffee shop, at the dinner table in the home – it is more about creating the time and space to really show your interest and care. 

But many families have found that one way to recharge relationships, to bond and create new, good memories is in the hot tub.  The hot tub inevitably becomes a gathering place for the family and a conduit for conversation.  Free of electronic devices, the relaxing cosy environment of the warm water becomes a cocoon-like safe haven for sharing – talking and hearing about everyday thoughts and concerns.  Once a routine for meeting up in the hot tub is established, conversation often sparks off naturally.

How to start the conversation:

Need some help getting the kids talking?  Often, what kids (and all of us want) is not just the solution to our problems – we want an acknowledgement and a validation of how we feel.  Kids opinions matter but are often overlooked in the busy adult world.  So don’t just ask “what” about an experience that they are sharing, ask “how did that make you feel?”  You may find that when genuine interest is expressed this way, children will open up and share far more than you ever expected. Don’t interrupt with opinions, answers or solutions, just listen.

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