How Using A Hot Tub Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety

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How Using A Hot Tub Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety


We all suffer from some degree of stress in our busy daily lives

Stress can be bad at the best of times and dangerous at the worst and we have been thinking about ways of stress reduction here in the office!

There are many methods to reduce anxiety and stress including lifestyle changes healthy eating

Smashed avocado on toast  is a wonderful healthy breakfast or snack for any time of the day.









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Research has shown that when we immerse ourselves in warm water that it can aid a restful night’s sleep which in itself is stress reducing.

The massage function of the jets in a hot tub will relax muscles and ease tension in the body, your mind will find it easier to relax and drift off if there is minimal tension in your body.








family in hot tub wales


Social families have reported to us that the use of the hot tub without screens helps family bonding and gives them a time to catch up- with tv dinners on the sofa, screens and gaming consoles a lot of families find they no longer have that social bonding time together, the regular use of a hot tub can change this.

Again, research has suggested that social contact with close family and friends can be stress reducing and confidence building for todays youths.


Happy children = happy parents 😊


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