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Castle Hot Tubs Install of the Year UK 2023 Platinum Spas


We are an independent hot tub dealer with access to a huge variety of hot tubs.  As Wales largest stockists of hot tubs we have the optimum solution to your well-being.  We’re friendly too!  Contact or visit us for expert friendly advice.

Premium Hot Tubs

Platinum Spas

Platinum Spas offer a range of good quality, affordable, award winning Hot Tubs and Spas.  Platinum Spas are assembled in the world’s largest hot tub manufacturing factory and they take great pride in the quality of their spas.

American Hot Tubs

Master Spas

Our hot tubs by Master Spas deliver head-to-toe wellness. Offering a wide range of exceptional features and configuration options.  These ultra-premium spas look and feel luxurious.  But the  engineering and technology are what really sets Master Spas apart from other spas. Every inch is designed and engineered for ultimate luxurious enjoyment.

  • Sale!

    Master Spas Challenger 18D Swim Spa

    Original price was: £35,495.00.Current price is: £29,999.00.
  • Sale!

    Master Spas Twilight 7.2 Hot Tub

    Original price was: £11,995.00.Current price is: £10,995.00.
  • Sale!

    Master Spas Clarity Balance 8 Hot Tub

    Original price was: £9,495.00.Current price is: £8,249.00.
  • Sale!

    Master Spas Legend 4 Hot Tub

    Original price was: £7,995.00.Current price is: £6,499.00.
  • Sale!

    Master Spas Getaway Lodge 4

    Original price was: £6,295.00.Current price is: £5,495.00.


BeWell Spas are premium quality spas manufactured in Canada, using only the highest quality Canadian & American made components.  They partner with some of the industries leading suppliers to bring you the very best in hot tubs.

Welcome, Wellness

Don’t let a trying day get the best of you. Relieve stress and revive your senses in our hot tubs. Hot tubs combine the healing power of hot water and the benefits of massage therapy.

Research supports that soaking in a hot tub helps:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Relax muscles
  • Release nerve pressure points
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve circulation
  • Benefit people with Type 2 diabetes
  • Benefit people with Arthritis
  • Speed recovery from injury or sports

Music, laughter, family & friends

Our hot tubs offer the perfect setting to bring together your family and friends. Features to look out for include the Orion Light System and in.mix Lighting allow you to create the perfect relaxed ambience, or get the party started. Did someone say party? No need to worry about who is bringing the tunes! Bluetooth connectivity means you can stream the perfect playlist through the in-built speakers. Systems such as the Fusion Air Sound System have to be heard to believe – turning your hot tub into a sonic sound stage!

The best of both worlds; Refreshing greenery with scenic ocean views.

Easy to Own, Easy to Enjoy

All of our hot tubs are built to be used year-round in the toughest of climates. We supply some of the most energy efficient hot tubs in the industry, tightly packed with environmentally friendly foam insulation and sealed to prevent heat loss. Kind to the environment and kind to your pocket.

Maintaining water quality is key to the comfortable and safe enjoyment of your spa. We want you to spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time taking care of it. Our premium spas have exclusive patent pending technology to purify and filter your water. Our friendly water technician is also available to support you all the way. Soft, sparkling water that feels like silk on your skin is within your reach.
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