Hot Tubs & Happiness

A young couple sharing a drink and smiling in a hot tub.

We have all become familiar with the concept of “Hygge”, the Danish word describing the quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable.  With March 20th being nominated as the International Day of Happiness, we would like to introduce you to “Lykke” – the Danish word for happiness. If you are a keen student of happiness (and who isn’t!), you’ll be aware that Denmark usually tops the World Happiness Rankings (o.k we googled this fact).  While the Danes are generally satisfied with their lives, they do not have a monopoly on lykke – we can all add a little to our lives.  How?

For everyone, the International Day of Happiness is a useful reminder that in general, happiness does not necessarily come from buying and consuming, or from being famous or glamorous – but often from friends, family and emotional well-being.

The Lykke mantra suggests that happiness can be found in six categories, Togetherness, Money, Health, Freedom, Trust and Kindness.  Is it possible that a hot tub could help you to cultivate any of these qualities in your life?  Consider:

1. Togetherness

A hot tub is the perfect place to spend quality time with loved ones. Immersed in warm water and soothing bubbles, you and yours can let the worries fade away. As you take time to talk about what matters, in this distraction-free zone, you’ll enjoy meaningful conversation; sharing special moments with the people you love.  We discussed this further in our blog, “It’s time to talk.

2. Money

Money-worries can easily over-shadow our happiness if we allow them too.  Purchases are better made with careful research, forethought and budgeting.  Don’t buy on a whim or impulse – these are often not our best financial decisions!  Hot tubs are available in a range of prices, with flexible payment plans to suit many budgets. Remember, once purchased a high quality, well insulated tub shouldn’t require expensive upkeep either. Following a check-list of simple, straightforward care procedures will ensure your hot tub provides long-lasting value.

3. Health

A catalyst for hydrotherapy, a hot tub utilises the combination of water, heat and air to promote health and wellbeing. In fact, these three elements can help to relax and soothe the body and can speed up the recovery of muscles too.  Add a little extra to the water to enhance it’s healing effects even further.  We supply a range of hydrotherapy crystals and dead sea salts such as the Hydro Therapies Crystal Sport RX range As you soak, your body is being stimulated, energized, protected, relaxed, rebuilt and elevated through a special blend of vitamins and natural extracts.  Click the link for more information on some of the health benefits of using a hot tub.

4. Freedom

Out in the garden, surrounded by nature, a hot tub can afford you the opportunity to observe what we often take for granted and the freedom of being outdoors is invaluable. Whether it’s starry nights, golden summers or dewy frost – you can feel and experience it all in comfort.

5. Trust

The physical benefits of hot tubs are clear: heat increases circulation by dilating blood vessels, buoyancy relieves joint stress by reducing your weight by 90% and powerful jets soothe away tensions with massage.  A soothed body can help lead to a soothed mind.  Trust in the healing qualities of warm water to lead you to a happier place!   

6. Kindness

Be kind to yourself by making the hot tub experience part of your everyday routine! Life today can be fast paced, unpredictable and stressful; creating a sanctity of your own, to immerse, disconnect and decompress, will breathe new life into your being – and a hot tub is a great place to do it!  A hot tub will inspire wellness to become your priority – as it should be.

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