Hot Tub Super Tips!


Hot Tub Super Tips!


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Do you own a hot tub or spa? Then this is for you, quick and easy tips to help you maintain your hot tub and keep it in tip top running condition:




Keep hot tub filters clean

It is important to keep your filters nice and clean as they are an important part of the hot tub water system and the water is constantly ‘recycled’ through them.

Hot tub filters deal with body oils/fats that’s are lost through bathing and also scoop any organic debris out of the water, so using a good filter cleaning product is important


Get back up filters

Rotating your filters is always a great idea as you always have a spare set plus you will find it can help the filters to last a lot longer.

We have heard of many people using various methods of filter cleaning including washing machines(this is not recommended)! We recommend maintaining the integrity of the filter by using

AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner, Aquasparkle filter cleaning spray or Immerse Filter cleaning cartridges

If you would like advice on how to clean your spa filters please contact a member of our knowledgeable staff


ph minus 

The balance of pH in water is imperative to the comfort of your bathers and also the efficiency of your sanitiser.

Testing strips will soon become your best friends in the pH balancing game. Keeping the hot tub water pH balanced will have a knock on effect on the rest of your water balancing and you should find it all becomes much easier to manage!






hot tub chemicals testingAlways avoid household chemicals when cleaning your hot tubs, we again often hear of people using bleach or cleaning sprays on their hot tubs

*Please only use hot tub safe chemicals and cleaners! Our website has a comprehensive range here:


Here you will find hot tub shell cleaners, chlorine tablets and granules, bromine tablets and granules, flocculant, *Use caution when adding spa chemicals*



hot tub repairIt is important to regularly deep clean your hot tub with a biofilm eliminator; this will flush your pipework properly and ensure safe bathing water. A Grit gitter or spa vacuum are handy tools for in between deep cleans.We have written a very informative blog on how to deep clean your hot tub here!


We always advise spa servicing by hot tub engineers who will do a 5 point hot tub check and ensure all of your heating elements pumps and seals etc are working properly, your car is MOT’d regularly and your hot tub needs the same treatment.

Our Spa & hot tub parts section has everything you need if you need hot tub spare parts i.e. pumps

Schedule of hot tub maintenance:


Test and balance water with spa testing strips

Remove hot tub filters thoroughly clean & rinse then leave to dry

Shock spa water

Wipe down the underside of your cover to prevent stale smells or mould forming!


Clean spa cabinet and wipe spa cover down we recommend using 303 Aerospace Protectant for longevity

Deep clean your spa using a biofilm eliminator


Annual service by a spa engineer


Take advantage of ‘off peak’ heating costs- set your spa to heat in the evening when electricity costs are lower

Watch water temp in winter do not let it freeze – as it can cause damage!

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